Indian Journal of Innovations and Developments

Indian Journal of Innovations and Developments

Aim & Scope:

Indian Journal of Innovations and Developments (IJID) is the official journal of the “Indian Society for Education and Environment” (iSee). IJID focuses broad aspects of innovations and developments. The journal relating to innovations and developments have emerged as an attractive subject of discussion, the discourse often has been confined to technological innovations in the industrial and agricultural sectors involving both product-innovation and process-development, Innovative thinking and practices in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Industry, Agricultural, Economics, Policy-making, health, education and the institutional barriers to advancement form the basis of the discourse to be fostered.

Cost :

Only when the article has been accepted for publication after peer review, the author will need to pay a fee (Rs.2000- within India; 50 USD- overseas) covering part of the publication cost.

e-ISSN and p-ISSN :

ISSN: 2277–5382 (Print), ISSN: 2277- 5390 (Online)

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