International Journal of Research in Computer Science (IJORCS)

International Journal of Research in Computer Science

The International Journal of Research in Computer Science (IJORCS), a research journal of international repute, is a notable and distinguish platform to publish quality research papers.

IJORCS is a repository of materials besides providing a platform for the reinforcement of science, fast operative publication, results of scientific researches and representation of the scientific conception of the society. IJORCS is a purely Computer Science research journal and is acknowledged by various universities and international professional bodies.

The cutting edge innovative features dwell with the advance approach makes it futuristic creative publishers helping scientists to expand in their respective research areas profoundly. IJORCS is a one place for all innovative, far-sighted and social advancement articles in the field of computer science.

Published papers are referred internationally prior to their publication by doctoral students and competent researchers and scientists worldwide. A full double-blind international refereeing process is used in which:

  • Papers are sent to reviewers for the peer review process.
  • The reviewers’ recommendations might determine whether a paper will be accepted / accepted subject to change / subject to resubmission with significant changes / rejected.
  • For papers which require changes, the same reviewers will be used to ensure that the quality of the revised paper is acceptable.

For list of topics visit, Call for Papers (
Accepted papers will be published, and authors will be provided with printed copies of the issue.

All submitted papers will be judged on the basis of their quality by the Editorial Board, Anti-Plagiarism Board.(

All paper submissions ( will be handled electronically or via email ([email protected]) detailed instructions on submission procedure are available on IJORCS website (

Papers that describe research and experimentation are encouraged.


Frequency:  6 Issues per year

e-ISSN: 2249-8265 (online version);

Print ISSN: 2249-8257 (Print version);

Subject Category: Computer Science and Technology

Published by: White Globe Publications



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  1. I have submitted my manuscript to this journal. From their reply after my manuscript’s review, i can easily estimate that it is a good journal indeed. They try to refine paper quality rather than just publishing the quantity, because i have submitted my paper twice after revision. Now I hope for positive reply though.

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